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    Incident response policy

    PURPOSE Every enterprise needs to establish a plan of action to assess and then recover from unauthorized access to its network. This policy from TechRepublic Premium provides a foundation from which to start building your specific procedures. From the policy: ASSIGN AN INCIDENT RESPONSE TEAM An incident response team should be put together and a ...

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    Computer hardware depreciation calculator

    PURPOSE Every department, regardless of size, needs to employ and account for depreciation — particularly if that department manages assets such as laptops, servers, and production machinery. How else are you going to know when it’s time to purchase new equipment? With the help of this worksheet from TechRepublic Premium, you’ll be able to calculate ...

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    Comparison chart: Enterprise collaboration tools

    PURPOSE Collaboration tools exist within a wide range of services, from voice calls to version control systems and everything in between. But for average enterprise businesses, the tools that make work-life exponentially easier are the basics: Voice. Video. Screen sharing. LDAP integration. Web and mobile apps. Third-party integration. Your business might be able to get ...

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    Comparison guide: Top enterprise collaboration tools

    PURPOSE Some of the most important tools in business are used for collaboration. Without these types of solutions, your staff would struggle to remain as productive as needed. TechRepublic Premium dug into some of the top collaboration tools on the market as a comparison to help you know which offers the tools you need and ...

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