Agile Cloud Engineering

As advanced AWS partners, Anchor offers a range of scalable AWS cloud management plans for your business which are designed to act like outsourced IT teams for SMBs and emerging enterprise. There is no need to keep costly personnel on your payroll with Anchor, as all of your cloud services can be managed by our team of certified AWS experts, including cloud migration and development of your cloud platform through our Agile Cloud Engineering (ACE) service.

Agile Cloud Engineering® solves a persistent problem with Managed Services; value realisation. Managed Service Providers capture a monthly management fee, often in the realm of 30% to 50% of total costs, without creating recurring net-new value for the customer. This ‘black box’ of traditional management costs may disincentivise change, often extracts more value than it creates, and can hamper innovation.

With Agile Cloud Engineering, customers can solve complex technology challenges and achieve operational excellence through smart planning, rapid deployment and a measured use of resources and capital. ACE provides full technology lifecycle management through a range of outcome and consulting services. From assessing existing workloads for migration, through to modernisation applications on cloud and implementing DevSecOps and CI/CD pipelines.

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